Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Revlon Selects - Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit swatches and review

Hey guys! Today it was sunny and I was like "Sweet, I'm totally going to have a swatching day!" So I get all my stuff ready and before I even get the first coat of the first polish put on... clouds. Honestly.

Anyway, today I have for you one of the polishes Revlon Canada kindly sent me for the Revlon Selects program! The Moon Candy collection is a series of double ended polishes. One end is a creme polish and the other end is an irregular shaped mylar flake in a coordinated colour. The one I have for you today is Orbit, a purple duo.

The creme side of Orbit is a deep, blue toned purple. It's a stereotypical grape purple, if that makes sense. Application of the creme side was nice. It was a little thin but nothing that couldn't be handled with careful application. The opacity was great; it was fully opaque in one coat! However, because this polish is so thin, it showed every ridge and imperfection in my nail. I would either use a ridge filler or more than one coat with this polish.

The flakie side of this polish is interesting. It's shards of mylar that flash blue and purple in a purple tinted clear base. I have seen mixed reviews of this, mostly leaning toward the negative, so I was anxious to try it out for myself. The flakes are sparse, that is for sure, but I like it. It is not too difficult to fish around in the bottle for more and place them where you want, which allows you to control the look of your manicure. The only thing I can say about this is that I would definitely put more than one coat of the creme under the flakie coat, because I had issues with some of the creme becoming patchy. The flakes also dry with a lot of texture. This doesn't bother me too much but if you need your nails to be smooth, you will need to use a thicker top coat. In these pictures I have the flakies on my index and middle finger, and just the creme on my ring finger and pinkie. One coat of each!

Oh my goodness I didn't realise how dry my hands were until after. Sorry guys!

I like this combination together, I think the blue flash of the mylar brings out the blue tone of the creme underneath. It is nice for this time of year when I tend to gravitate toward darker colours, but it is also nice that I can add a little sparkle too! I am definitely a sparkly girl.

Now I will speak to the bottle shape issue. Some people find the bottle top heavy while they are using a colour. It is obviously heavier than a regular polish cap because you are holding another entire bottle of polish, but I quickly got used to it and had no problems with application. All you need is a little patience and practice!

Overall? I think this is a very awesome idea that was mostly very well executed. I wish that the creme were just a little bit thicker so I could use just one coat and still have my nail ridges and imperfections hidden. I also wish that the flakie sizes were just a liiiiittle bit smaller. I think that if they were smaller, they would curve to the nail a little more and maybe wouldn't leave so much texture. I also think a more uniform size of flakie would look neater. The big pieces just look messy or sloppy to me.

Would I buy one of these independently? Well... yes and no. It would be price dependent. I like most of the other colour combinations that Moon Candy comes in, I just am not the biggest fan of slightly sloppy look of the mylar top coat.

Thank you again Revlon Canada! I'm having so much fun doing this!

Bonus: My girl kitty Molly wanted to be in a picture! Here she is!


*This product was provided for review. I have given my 100% honest opinion! :)

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  1. I love the purple but the flakes/glitters are a bit hard to work with! i totally agree that they should be a teensy bit smaller