Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Color Club Halo-Graphic!!!!

Hey guys! Only two weeks until Christmas! I'm so excited because my boyfriend will be coming and staying for a whole week!! I'm counting down the days for sure.

So today I have Halo-Graphic for you from Color Club's 2012 Halo-Graphic collection! I actually received this a few weeks ago and have been dying to post it, but I wanted some sun to take some proper pictures of the holo. I waited and waited and it has just been cloudy. Sooo I tried to improvise as much as possible with my camera flash. Here we go!

Halo-Graphic is a pale pink with a very strong linear holo. The formula is just excellent! Not too thick or thin and not at all patchy! I used two coats with no top coat, because I have heard that most top coats dull the holo effect.

Here it is in the bottle and then a swatch just in some normal cloudy daylight! It's pretty and feminine, and you can just see a wink of the holo.

And here it is with flash (aka pretend sunlight)! It's so crazy! The first time I put it on I just kept staring at my nails all day!

So obviously I love this! This is my first holo polish. I had seen so many on other blogs where it was said that application was a nightmare and they show every nail imperfection. If that was true then Color Club really reinvented the wheel, because this is awesome!

In other news, I received my Revlon Selects package the other day! I am super excited to try out all the lovely things in there! Keep your eyes peeled for some reviews of that stuff, plus I may or may not have a couple more holo polishes in the sidelines... ;)


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