Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Productive day off!


Today I had the day off work, yay!

As much as I always feel I am going to be super productive on my days off, it rarely happens. I started off with grand ambitions to clean my entire room today (despite having a heavily bruised elbow... donate blood, folks! Other people need it more than you do!), but that just has not yet happened.


The day has not been completely fruitless. I will write more on this later, but I am going through a huge cleanse of my belongings right now as I will be moving countries in the new year. Today I tackled some random boxes of stuff in our basement. I started with about five boxes and have gotten my "keeps" down to one box! Hooray! In addition, I have cleaned off an entire horizontal surface of my room! A right good start, if I don't say so myself. I may even accomplish one or two more by the end of the day if I'm lucky!

A crappy phone picture of my clean horizontal surface!

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I have a rather small room with sloped ceilings and very very little storage (it even cuts into my already tiny closet, ugh). So, while I don't have that much stuff, it is very easy for the amount I do have to get all cluttered up.

Anyway. I used to have a night stand, but I got a bigger bed and it no longer fit. For a while I used a wobbly little table but even that barely fit and I got frustrated with it. Now I just use the end of the toy chest my great uncle built for me when I was a baby. I wanted my lamp jacked up a bit for optimum reading light so I piled up my bridal magazines and there you have it!

Speaking of bridal magazines, how do girls who are getting married not go out and buy literally all of them?? They are so addictive and fun to flick through and they leave me all starry eyed. I can't wait to get married, ahhh :)

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