Friday, July 20, 2012

A little polish haul + NOTD

Hey guys! Just in case you weren't aware, Sally is having their red tag clearance sale! All red tag items are an additional 50% off! This is on in stores until July 22nd, so hurry up and check it out! I picked up six things from the clearance section and two other things just on regular sale.

The first clearance things I got are four Finger Paints polishes. This brand is pretty new to me, but I have loved what I have tried so far! I picked up Go Van Gogh!, Art You Blue?, Bauhaus Burgundy, and Picasso's Puce. Art You Blue? and Picasso's Puce are shimmers; the other two are cremes. These were only $1.65 each! Crazy!

Go Van Gogh!, Art You Blue?, Bauhaus Burgundy, Picasso's Puce

Next up are two China Glaze polishes. I try to avoid buying single bottles of China Glaze because I pretty much know that I will eventually buy the entire collection they belong to. How can I resist when they are only $1.65 each, though?? I ended up taking Unplugged and Ingrid home with me.

Unplugged, Ingrid

The last things I got aren't that exciting. One was my first bottle of Seche Vite, which was on sale for $6.99. To give you an idea of the price discrepancies between USA and Canada, Seche Vite is on sale for $8.99 north of the border. Anyway, another bottle of top coat caught my eye simply because it is enormous and only had a $4.99 price tag! Since I go through top coat like water, I had to give it a try. It is Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat. The $4.99 I paid got me 1 Fl. Oz.! I still think it's funny that the two top coats I bought cost more than the six nail polishes!

Exciting top coat picture

My next stop was CVS, where I was on a Milani hunt. I was hoping I could find some of the 3D holographic colours and I was not disappointed. I found Hi-Tech, Cyberspace, and HD in the clearance bin! I don't know what I paid individually but when it was all said and done, I paid just over $6 for all three!

Hi-Tech, Cyberspace, HD

Of course, when got home, I immediately wanted to try them. I put one on each finger and was surprised to find that I liked Hi-Tech the best, so I went ahead and did a full manicure with it aaand even took some pictures for your (and my) amusement. This colour (as with the other two) took three coats to build up to fully opaque. I did put Seche Vite on top but I found that it changed the colour! I don't know if it's because the polish dries to a different colour than it is wet, but I didn't have the patience to find out. I left my ring finger free of top coat for you to see the difference.

Indoor natural light. Pretty, but doesn't look like much...

...until you get outside in the sun, and then holy holo explosion!

More yummy holo in artificial light

Nom nom nom

As you can see, I loved this and took way too many pictures. Now to hunt for the other three from the collection!


  1. Wasn't sure if you were aware of this website:

    I use this to get my China Glaze, Essie and Seche products much cheaper than I can find at Sally or other beauty supply stores (I also have hook ups for my OPI and Zoya purchases).

    Hopefully Watford doesn't kill me for letting you in on my secret ;)

    1. Thanks Jo! I'm wary about how much the shipping cost outweighs the discount. Have you still found it cheaper despite that?

    2. I believe Sally pricing is regional, so I'm not sure how much you send. Out here it is $5 with the card, so I usually break even with the cost of shipping. But, I'm an insane person, and I've been known to purchase 22 polishes at a time. In that case, yes, it's absolutely worth it. Lately, I've been combining my orders with my co-workers, and we've split the cost of shipping.

      What I like best about the website, though, is they have a tendency to leak the latest collection weeks before you can find it in the store.