Monday, July 16, 2012

China Glaze Blue Year's Eve Swatch and Review!

Hey guys! I know we're in the middle of summer and everyone is in bright neon mode, but I want to show you a polish I've been wanting forEVER and finally just got in the mail today! If you haven't figured it out from the title, it's Blue Year's Eve from China Glaze! Yes, I know, not exactly summery, but maybe it will give your eyes a break from the searing neons.

Blue Year's Eve was part of the holiday collection of 2011. It's a lovely, vibrant blue jelly that is packed to the brim with shimmer! I used two coats and it was lovely, but for some reason it didn't want to dry quickly, even with quick dry top coat! Oh well. Worth the wait. The formula gave me no troubles at all, it was smooth and so easy to control.

I'm sorry for my somewhat blurry pictures, they always look so much better on the camera than full size. I also realize that my hand swallowed the bottle, oops! I shall try and figure out this photography thing.

Such a pretty blue!!

A little bit closer so you can see the shimmer. Not sure why my hand turned orange. :(

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