Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Color Club Holiday 2012 Winter Affair Collection and inadvertent NOTD

Hey guys! The other day I got my very first nail mail (that I didn't buy myself)!!! My lovely friend Brenna sent me some lovely holographic polishes! I would love to show them to you but there hasn't been enough sun for me to take pictures to do them justice. So while I am waiting for a nice sunny day, I have the Color Club Winter Affair collection to show you!

I first saw these in Sally's just after Halloween and fell in love with the colours, but I couldn't bring myself to spend knowing that I could buy whole Color Club collections in Ross in the States for $8. But then! I was reading another blog by a Canadian (I can't remember which, I am so sorry!) and heard that Winners has those collections. I went with my mom and luckily found it for $15! A bit of a price increase but still better than $8/polish. My mom actually bought it for me for Christmas, but I wanted to show you guys so I snuck it away for swatches! Anyway! On to the good stuff!

Berry & Bright is a gorgeous red polish which is somewhere between a shimmer and a glass fleck. I think this is so pretty and festive! It's a nice change from the billion red cremes that come out around this time of year. This is two easy and beautiful coats with a perfect formula! So pretty.

Next up we have Glitter Wonderland, which is a shimmery purple. The base is pink toned but the shimmer is lovely and blue toned to give this colour a lot of depth. This is two coats. The formula was alright. I found it to be a little patchy but perhaps I just didn't wait long enough between coats. It's still pretty! Not something you would expect in a holiday collection, but I like that! It's refreshing.

Moving on, we have Ho Ho Holly. I LOVE this one! It's a gorgeous warm toned green packed with gold shimmer. Oh man I just love it. Two lovely and perfect coats. It just glows! Enjoy this one!

Next up is Glitter Sparkle. This polish is a warm toned purple just jam packed with purple and holo glitter. I don't really have much to say, I will let the pictures do the talking. I love it! This is two coats.

Two more to go! Next we have Winter Affair. This is a sort of maroon shimmer. It's beautiful! Perfect for the cold and dark winter weather. Not much else to say! This is two easy coats.

Last up is Snow Flakes, which is a flakie top coat. It flashes green, orange, and red. It is awesome! The flakies are nice and small and lie nice and flat. I put it over top of Winter Affair to show you guys and I ended up loving it so much that I made it my full manicure! This is one coat of Snow Flakes over two coats of Winter Affair. :)

Well, that's about it! I really liked this collection. There were some colours that are definitely expected of a holiday collection but some surprises as well! The standouts for me for sure are Ho Ho Holly and Snow Flakes. Which ones do you guys like? Also, I heard the rumour that some people have found a scented version of this collection? Weird!

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