Monday, November 19, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Rain Forest and Coastal Blue... and a comparison!

Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a long time and I will have a nice long rambly explanation at the end of the post, but for now I will get the good stuff out of the way!

Just today Revlon Canada posted on on Facebook that they are starting a program called Revlon Selects! If you tweet or have a youtube channel or a blog, like their page here and check out the program! You could be selected to test and review new products!

In honour of that, I have two colours from the Colorstay line to show you. First up is Rain Forest. I picked this up a while ago when I was staying in NC. It is a gorgeous yellow toned green with large glass flecks! I used two coats here and they were just so easy. No flooding, no dragging. Beautiful. :)

Next up is Coastal Surf. I love love love this colour! I was browsing Imperfectly Painted earlier in the summer and she said that everyone needs to own this polish. I love a good blue creme so I didn't need much persuading, but I was convinced I already had something similar to this. I was wrong! This is a beautiful bright creme that is just plain old blue. No purple or green tones to be found, which makes it a unique addition to my collection. I will agree that everyone needs this! Also, my hands didn't change colours from the first pictures... my camera is just awful at picking up colours properly a lot of the time so I have to do a lot of fiddling to make them colour accurate. Sorry!

When I saw Rain Forest I was immediately reminded of Glittering Garland from the 2011 holiday collection from China Glaze, so I decided to do a comparison! On my index and ring fingers I have Rain Forest and on my middle and pinkie fingers I have Glittering Garland. They are similar, but not exactly the same! Rain Forest is more yellow toned and the glass flecks are larger than in Glittering Garland. Do you need both? Well, I do! A more sane person might do with one, though. If you missed Glittering Garland and are kicking yourself for it, I think Rain Forest would be a fine substitute.

Now for the boring part: the reason I was gone. There are several, actually. The biggest one I guess was my move back home. I was in NC and got used to a whole different life down there, only to have to leave and readjust to my normal life back at home. I was lucky enough to be hired back at my old job so that was nice, but I did and still do miss my boyfriend and it makes me sad and unmotivated... blogs are a lot of work! But I feel pretty well adjusted now. Back to the grind.

The second biggest reason would be my job. Not only do I work a lot and mostly during the day (I don't really have good enough lighting to take pictures at night, working on a light box), I work in retail. Anyone else who does knows that it is unforgiving to your nails. Broken nails, torn cuticles... basically any nail horror you can think of can and will happen. When you are trying to keep your nails and cuticles somewhat nice to show the world, it is near impossible with a retail job! I just decided that I don't care though. I will do my best and that is all I can do.

I'm back now, and that's the important part. I missed all two of you who follow me! :P

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