Monday, October 27, 2014

Coastal Scents Go Palette in Moscow

Let's take a look at a little bargain palette today! When this guy showed up in my Boxycharm, I was initially pretty stoked! It looked cool, but does it measure up? The short answer is.... well, there isn't really a short answer.

This palette is quite reasonably priced at $12.95 includes 12 decently sized shadows in a compact with a quite large mirror. The packaging itself isn't anything special, just cheap black plastic. I can forgive the lack of luxurious packaging for the price, though! Let's take a look at the shadows!

These particular shades are all metallic and were inspired by Moscow, the capital of Russia! I don't see shade names anywhere on the box or the compact itself, so we'll just have to go from left to right by row.

Row one
The very first shadow is a very light olive, almost an acid green. This feels finely milled and very soft and isn't too powdery. Pigmentation is pretty good, it is buildable and very blendable!

Next is a sky blue packed with warm golden shimmer. This one is just sliiightly powdery, so you might want to give your brush a tap before you apply. It does feel very nice and soft, though. Once again pigmentation is nice, and once again it is buildable and very blendable.

Next up is a lighter burgundy colour. This one is also soft and not powdery, and the pigmentation is average. It is slightly buildable but in general I'm not too impressed with this shade.

The final shade in this row is the best one in the palette. It a super soft and very highly pigmented golden brown. It's like touching suede! Beautiful! This blends like a dream and I wish I could get this in a single!

Row two
Moving on to row two, we begin with an emerald green. This shade is pretty soft but is one of the ever so slightly powdery selections, so give that brush a tap! The pigmentation is pretty good and it builds and blends quite nicely!

Next we have a gunmetal colour. This is more of a matte shade that has some very obvious silver glitter in it. I'd like it without the glitter, to be honest. This stuff is extremely powdery and feels rough and hard. The pigmentation is below average. It builds okay, but it might take you several passes to get the intensity you want, and by that time you will probably have silver glitter everywhere. It doesn't blend very well either. Pass.

This next shade is absolutely lovely and one of the best in the palette. It's a suede-soft cocoa brown. It's not at all powdery, super pigmented, super buildable... it's awesome! I'd totally grab a single of this one too!

The last shadow in this row is just as lovely as the one before it! It's a gorgeous copper colour. The pigmentation is amazing, it feels so soft, and it is not at all powdery. Love this one!

Row three
We start off with a slightly powdery steel blue. This one feels nice and soft. The pigmentation is pretty good, and you can easily build it.

The next shade is quite similar to the last, though it is slightly more of a green toned blue. Again, nice and soft. Again, nice, buildable pigmentation.

I thought I wouldn't find a shadow that I disliked more than that gunmetal one, but this one takes the cake. The deep indigo colour is very pretty, but other than that it's a hot mess. It's extremely matte, extremely powdery, poorly pigmented, and it just doesn't feel that nice. It's somewhat buildable. I'm just so not a fan.

Let's end on a good note with a beautiful bronze shade! Like the other browns, this one is silky soft, extremely pigmented, and extremely blendable. I love it!

So, is this palette worth it? Yes! The selection of shades in this particular version of the palette is decent and not too discordant. You could definitely come up with a lot of looks. While the browns are definitely gorgeous and steal the show, there are a couple of duds that don't really do it for me. The blues and greens aren't as amazing as the browns, but they're still very nice and buildable. You might get a nice boost from using primer too!

I really want to get my hands on a couple more of these palettes to give them a try too! Have you tried this or any of the other Go Palettes? Let me know what you think!


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