Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Foray into Prestige Cosmetics!

Hey loves! Recently I've had a desire to expand my horizons and try out a new cosmetic brand. In my research I came across Prestige Cosmetics! I tweeted them to ask what the essentials were from their brand that I needed to try. They answered and suggested I try three products. Let's talk about them!

The first thing they recommended was their Smoky Trio Eyeshadow, which retails for $9.00. I love the packaging on this, it's super sleek! As you might guess, there are three shadows here: a shimmery ivory, a shimmery grey brown, and a matte black. These are all very different, so I'm going to talk about them separately.

The ivory is a little underwhelming for me. The shimmer is nice but I don't find it very pigmented to the point where I can barely see it when I swatch it. It took me several passes for me to even get it to show up in the swatch above. It's also a very hard shadow which makes it difficult to get much at all on my brush, which might add to the pigmentation issue for me. Primer does help a little, but I wish I didn't have to use it. All in all, it's very pretty, but I wish it were much softer and more pigmented.

The grey brown is a colour that reminds me of mushroom. It has a beautiful silver shimmer to it. I love its uniqueness! This is definitely the best shade out of the trio. It's not the softest shadow I've ever tried, but it's a million times better than the ivory! This shadow is nicely pigmented. One pass has great colour payoff but it also builds extremely well! I sometimes find this a little powdery so you might want to give your brush a tap, just in case.

The black is your standard matte black. This is also pretty hard and isn't the most pigmented matte black I've ever used, but it builds okay and you can get the job done. One again, primer does help this out a bit. I do find this a little powdery sometimes too, so a brush tap might be good!

All in all, I like this trio okay. As much as I do like the packaging, the product inside counts most. The ivory is disappointing, the black is decent, and the grey brown really saves it for me. I have definitely paid less for better shadows. I think the biggest issue it has is that the shadows are just so hard. A creamier formula would go a long long way!

The next product they suggested I try was their Line & Style Ink Pen. The shade I got was Black Shine, but that is the only shade available as far as I can tell. You guys, I love this. I just love it. The packaging is a pretty standard glossy black tube. Towards the business end there is an ergonomic matte gripper, which is a nice touch. The actual pen tip itself comes to a very fine point and is quite flexible!

It's extremely black and it is very easy to vary the thickness of your line using that very flexible fine tip. The tip gets nice and wet so the application is not patchy, though not so wet as to pool product on your skin. It doesn't bleed even a little bit either! It takes a few seconds to set, but once it does it is there until you decide you want it gone. The finish is as it says: a nice glossy black! This eyeliner costs $9.00 and I think that is an extremely good price for one of the best liner pens I have ever used!

The last item I bought to review is the Makeup Eraser Pen, which also retails for $9.00! I was extremely interested to try this out! Everyone goofs up on their eyeliner or gets mascara where it doesn't belong once in a while. This eraser pen has standard glossy black packaging and a chiseled tip which offers the precision that a cotton swab just can't! But how well does it work?

What better way to test an eraser pen than on pure black makeup! As you can see, it does a great job! It's pretty clear that this pen works best erasing little mistakes and not your entire line of eyeliner. The tip does retain the colour you remove, especially black, so you have to wipe it off a few times to get all the excess off and not smear colour all over your skin. I do really really like both the idea and the execution and can see myself using for those little goof ups! If you're tired of removing more makeup than you wanted to with a cotton swab, you should definitely pick this up!

To give you an idea of how these products come together, here is the look I created using the trio and the eyeliner! I really like how that grey brown shadow adds just a little bit of warmth to the smoky eye!

So, all in all, my first experience with Prestige was mixed, but mostly good. I loved the eyeliner and eraser pen and would definitely recommend those, but the trio was kind of a let down. It did get the job done, though. I would love to try out some of their other shadows to see what their formulas are like! The brand is quite reasonably priced and you can find it at most drug stores and Ulta! You can also buy directly from their website and get free shipping on orders of at least $25!

Have you guys ever tried Prestige? If you have, what did you think of what you've tried? If not, would you?


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