Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Haul! a.k.a. I spent HOW much?!?

Hey loves! So, I haven't really gone and had a good shop lately. I've bought things here and there and mostly online, but for me it's the process: walking up and down every aisle, putting things in your basket... sometimes deciding you really didn't need that sixth pink nail polish after all and sometimes just impulsively buying everything you lay eyes on. Ahhhh, it's just... It's therapy.

So anyway, I had a retail therapy itch that needed scratching, and, oh, did I ever scratch it this past weekend. Let's take a boo at what I bought!

My first stop was Ulta!

I stopped into the high end section first and picked myself up a little holiday gift set from tarte! It's the Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set (an Ulta exclusive). I've never really tried tarte and I always wanted to, so I figured a holiday set would be a good foray into the brand! There's a lot of value packed into this little box! There are four interchangeable cheek and eye palettes, three lip glosses, a mascara, and an adorable little quilted compact in which to put the palette of your choice! All of this good stuff is only $48! I'd love to show you the inside but a review of this is coming very soon, so this is just a sneak peek!

Next up is an older China Glaze gift set from the Off Shore collection this past summer. This four piece set includes Seas The Day (an almost-red pink creme), X-Ta-Sea (a cool toned grape purple creme), Wait N' Sea (a bright aqua creme), and Be More Pacific (a light yellow-green). I can see myself wearing all of these colours and I definitely didn't mind spending only $14.95!

I, of course, had to take a peek in the clearance section and ended up grabbing a few more nail polishes. Ulta's own Blues Cruise is sapphire glitter packed in a sapphire sheer base. Great for layering or making opaque on its own! I paid $2.97 for this beauty. Zoya's Harper, from this summer's Bubbly collection, is a bubblegum pink packed with shimmer and iridescent glitter. I rang me up $4.50. Finally, I picked up Muir Muir on the Wall by O.P.I. It's from their San Francisco collection way back in 2013 and is a blackened plum with a hint of golden duochrome to it. This cost me a whopping $2.39.

The last thing I need is another lip balm, but after hearing so much about Rachel Roy's collaboration with eos for the holidays, I had to check it out! I really wanted to try out the trio but Ulta was sold out. Instead I picked up the scent Barbados Heat Wildberry and it smells amaaaazing! To me it smells like strawberries and cream in the best way! This was $3.49.

I was all out of the Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter that I recently featured in my October Favourites post, so I went ahead and grabbed another one for $5.99!

Finally, I've been itching to try a new brand. I tweeted to Prestige Cosmetics and asked them what they recommended I grab to try out, and I took their advice! I ended up getting their Smoky Eyeshadow Trio ($8.99), their Line & Style Ink Pen in Black Shine ($8.99), and their Makeup Eraser Pen (also $8.99).

Still with me? Good! There's more!

My second and final stop was Walgreens. I only went in to grab a few things, but there was just so much makeup on clearance. I got really distracted but tried to be really good! Here's what I got!

I needed a new bottle of acetone, so I got one! Nothing exciting. Normally I go to Sally and get a bigger bottle, but it was Sunday and they weren't open yet. This was $5.49, which is ridiculous, but I needed it.

Next is a Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen. I've been looking for an easier way to do a french than guide stickers, so let's see how this goes! I picked this up for $7.29. Sorry it's not in the package for the picture, I got ahead of myself!

A clearance item I did pick up is the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Nova. This is a very very pigmented but still not thick or sticky. It smells fruity but in a nice way. I'm very excited to try this out and I'm sad I didn't pick up the other shades as this was only $2.79!

I also picked up a double sided eyeshadow brush. I use the angled side to clean up my manicures. Again, not exciting! This guy was $6.79. I was fairly sure the price was cheaper on the rack, but that's what I get for not paying attention.

If you know me at all, you won't be surprised that I picked up two nail polishes! Both are from Revlon. Urban is a navy blue (almost blurple) creme, which I have just been craving for fall. This was a very reasonable $4.99. I also grabbed Elusive, which has a black base packed with purple shimmer and larger teal glitter. A test coat on my nails showed that this dries matte! Super cool. This polish was on clearance for $2.89.

Alrighty, I saved the best for last! You might have seen the buzz around the beauty blog universe that there are $1 eyeshadow palettes to be had! I couldn't resist picked up three out of the four that were there. There were a LOT of value makeup items there for the holidays, so you should definitely check them out. They're great for stocking stuffers! Anyway, these are the Twinkle Twinkle eyeshadows from Profusion Cosmetics. You get an incredible amount of product and the eyeshadows are actually really great too! You can bet there will be a review of these very very soon!

Thanks for sticking with me guys! There's lots of good stuff coming on my blog really soon and I can't wait to share it all with you!


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