Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unboxed: November Boxycharm!

Hello loves! It's that time again where I show you what I got in my Boxycharm! Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $21/month. November's theme is Sparkle and Shine. Sounds excellent, right? As always, all products are full size! Let's take a look!
First up is a MicaBeauty Eye Primer. This tiny 0.3 oz pot costs $44.95, holy moly that's expensive! Fortunately, a little definitely goes a long way so hopefully this lasts a long time. This is creamy and very much like a concealer. It feels nice and not too heavy, uncomfortable, or sticky. It does have that costume makeup smell to it, though.
A pressed blush from OFRA Cosmetics in the shade Paradise Pink is next. This shade is, not surprisingly, a shimmery deep pink. This is really intimidating in the pan but is quite easy to sheer out and leaves you with a lovely flushed look like you have been out in cold windy air. This blush is enormous at 0.28 oz and costs $24.95. Love it!
Third is an Eyelicity Glitter Liner from Tarina Tarantino in the shade Black Diamond. Tarina's packaging is, as usual, stunning. That is as far as my admiration for this product goes, unfortunately. This is a black eyeliner packed with rainbow holographic glitter. I find the eyeliner itself to be streaky and not very pigmented. This could be the fault of the brush, though, which is so fat and bulky that it's impossible to get a nice fine line. The description on the card says the glitter in here is micro glitter, but it's actually huge. You would have a bad time if this fell in your eye. Thankfully, once this dries it is almost impossible to budge. I maybe might use this to layer over regular eyeliner but otherwise I am super unimpressed with this. It almost seems juvenile. A 0.17 oz tube of this is $16.
Next on my list is a gold Color.Bug from Kevin.Murphy. This is like hair chalk; you're supposed to put a styling product on your hair and then drag the colour pad over it to make it stick. This is okay, I guess, except my hair is pretty much exactly the same colour as the gold, so I don't see anything at all when I apply it aside from maybe some glitter. This costs a ridiculous $25 for 0.17 oz. I would never pay that much for something like this!
Last in the box is a bellápierre Shimmer Powder in Sensation. There is a sifter in the pot to stop the product from getting everywhere. This is a white shimmery loose powder. It looks like pearlescent sparkling snow and is very pretty! I love it! It's beautiful opaque as a shadow or sheered out as a brow bone highlighter or a glittery top coat, if you will. :) This pretty little thing will cost you $14.99.

I had really high hopes for this box. The Sparkle and Shine theme seemed so cool for the lead up to the holidays and had so much potential, but I have to say this isn't my favourite box. Everything in the box suited the theme for sure, but there are at least two products that I can't ever see myself using. Don't get me wrong, I still love Boxycharm! Not everything in every box is going to be a winner and I'm still incredibly impressed with the product size and value packed in this little box, it's just that I have loved my past boxes more. :)

My two favourite things in the box are the OFRA blush and the Mica primer for sure! What would you be happiest to receive in your box?

If you'd like a Boxycharm subscription of your very own, you can subscribe here!


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