Friday, November 14, 2014

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Nova

Hey loves! Let's talk about a great lip gloss from Rimmel: The Show Off Lip Lacquer in Nova! As far as I can tell, "Show Off" is the counterpart to the UK's "Apocalips," which is a collection I'd heard a lot about but never got around to trying. I was happy to find a few shades on clearance! I only picked up one, and now I'm sad I didn't get more! The shade I got is a cool toned medium pink called Nova and it's amazing!

The Show Off collection comes in 5.5 ml tubes. The packaging is sleek and there is a geometric shape reminiscent of a crystal on the end of the lid. I think it's a nice touch and sets the packaging apart from other brands! The applicator is a doe foot that has a little reservoir in the middle, allowing you to apply more product with just one swipe!

As nice as the packaging is, it's the formula that counts. This does not disappoint! It's extremely pigmented; you only need one pass to get it entirely opaque! Along with this, it's not at all thick or sticky. It doesn't go on patchy and is quite comfortable to wear. I hate when lip glosses are so sticky that you can feel them  It has a satin finish - not too glossy and not too matte! It also smells vaguely of citrus or fruit, which I quite like.

As with most glosses, this won't last forever. I found that although the finish faded after an hour or so, the colour itself did linger for a while after. I did find this ever so slightly slightly drying, though my lips do get dry fairly easily. I might try it with a lip balm underneath next time.

Honestly, these are amazing and I am super tempted to go buy every single shade. My only regret is that I hadn't tried these sooner! You can find them at pretty much any drugstore at a relatively inexpensive price: Ulta, Target, you name it.

Have you tried the Show Off collection?


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